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How does BASF develop high performance farm management solutions?

How does BASF develop high performance farm management solutions?

We offer innovative, reliable and sustainable crop protection solutions.

Innovation, the heart of BASF.

For BASF, innovation means “more & more” benefits for the farmers. Our scientists are continuously developing new technologies that further enhance the effectiveness of our crop protection solutions to improve your farm management.

BASF and the farmers are partners; this is why our first step within this development process is always based on understanding farmers’ expectations and needs.

BASF also enhances its crop protection solutions through innovative formulation technologies, which includes for example unique adjuvant systems.

Our formulation technology allows us to enhance the active ingredient’s solubility in water. This feature enables the product to be evenly distributed, improves the rain fastness on plant surfaces and facilitates quick adsorption on the plant. These superior formulations ensure that the active ingredients result in the highest performance.

As a key contributor to crop protection, innovation powered by BASF, provides a higher return on investment, convenience and peace of mind to manage your farm optimally.

Our high quality solutions are contained in our new BASF innovative packaging - The Eco packaging system

Reliability, on-farm support and recommendations to use our solutions

For BASF, reliability means high quality solutions and on-farm support from our BASF team with regionally adapted recommendations.

BASF’s team is readily available to support farmers in every region with advice and the right recommendation based on your needs and expectations. Our team is highly professional and experienced in crop protection solutions and farm management.

Sustainable solutions

For BASF, sustainable development means combining long-term business success with environmental protection and social responsibility. BASF, therefore, defines sustainable agriculture as achieving yield from existing land, using less water and energy, while ensuring profitable farming, caring for the environment and meeting the needs of society and future generations.

Prosperous agriculture is part of a stable and reliable social environment. By the same token, farming successes and failures greatly influence life, and the general well-being of people in the broader community. Sustainable agriculture should, therefore, be an integral part of political and economic debate. This is important for us to sustain farmer income and affordable consumer food prices.