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RhizoFlo™ Professional

Professional on seed survival soya bean seed treatment


  • Improved nodulation & nutrient uptake
  • Triple Bio Stacked® Technology
  • Robust Rhizobia Inoculant
  • Patented Growth enhancer
  • Powerful Integral™ Bio fungicide

General information

Name RhizoFlo™ Professional
Ingredients 1x10e10 viable cells/ml Growth Enhancer Bacillus subtilis (Integral™) Rhizobial lnoculant

Objective/SituationRhizoFlo™ Professional ComponentOther component description
147ml / 45kg seed applications

Seed total
A -mlB -mlC -ml
No other seed treatments added12772011478Water 4436739250.292267
Longer OSS12772011478N/A0295620.11905
Other seed treatments to be added12772011478Other chemical4436739250.292267

RhizoFlo™ Professional

  • The object is to ensure that the entire seed is evenly coated with either the straight RhizoFlo™ Professional mixture or RhizoFlo™ Professional plus other seed treatment mixture
  • Apply at LEAST 147ml of RhizoFlo™ Professional mixture per 45kg
  • If you are adding other chemical seed treatments, the volume of water can be replaced with the chemical seed treatment component, but you still need to achieve a total volume of 7392ml to achieve a minimum 147ml/45 kg seed for sufficient seed coating


Pests Recommended rate Time of application Number of application
Plantgroeireguleerder (katoen groei) 147ml per 45Kg of seed RhizoFlo™ ProfessionalThe on seed survival rate of RhizoFlo™ Professional allows for the application to be done up to 21 days before planting. Please refer to mixing and application instructions 1

Hoekom RhizoFlo™ Professional?

RhizoFlo™ Professional

Reg. No.: L9352 Act No. 36 of 1947

Ultra-low volume, high performance growth enhancement system, for soya beans.

Active ingredient:

Growth Enhancer

Bacillus subtilis (Integral™)

Rhizobial lnoculant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,0 x 10e10 viable cells/ml

Vol./ mass:

1 x 1277 ml bladders of Growth Enhancer (Component A)

1 x 201 ml bottle Bacillus subtilis (Integral™, Component B)

1 x 1478 ml liquid bag of Rhizobial lnoculant (Component C)

Registered by:

BASF South Africa (Ply) Ltd.

Co. Reg. No. 66/10235/07

P.O.Box 2801

Halfway House 1685

EMERGENCY NUMBER : +27 (0)31 769 2003