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Selective control of grasses and many broadleaf weeds in later crop stages.


Protecting your crop and controlling broadleaf and grass weeds at a later crop stage can be a challenge. Due to the nature of Campus®, you can achieve both by placing your trust in this new chemistry from BASF.


  • Offers a single solution and controls a broad spectrum of grass weeds (16 species) and broadleaf weeds (27 species) and supports sound resistance control practices.
  • Targets problem weeds with its post-emergent use; specifically weeds that germinate later and through seed dispersal contaminate fields for future seasons. It is here that the power of Campus® comes to the fore; its residual soil activity offers residual protection against grasses and broadleaf weeds that have a staggered germination pattern.
  • Has a low active ingredient use rate which allows for easier handling and contributes to low environmental exposure. Therefore it is ideal to be used for post-emergent weed control in later crop stages.

When grasses and broadleaf weeds threaten your crops at a later crop stage, you need a herbicide that will look after your crop. Campus® from BASF protects your crop by taking care of post-emergent grasses and broadleaf weeds.


Reg. No. L8521 Act. No. 36 of 1947

A Suspension Concentrate herbicide for control of early post emergent grasses and broadleaf weeds (as specified) in maize.


Active ingredient:

topramezone (pyrazolone) ....... 336 g / lt

Registered by:

BASF South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Co. Reg. No. 66/10235/07

P.O. Box 2801

Halfway House 1685

UN No.: 3082

Emergency Number: 083 265 3805

® Registered Trade Mark of BASF

General information

Name Campus®
Formulation A Suspension Concentrate
Ingredients 336 g / lt topramezone (pyrazolone)
Safety Data Sheet Campus® SDS
Label Campus® Label

Campus® is compatible with known atrazine 500 g / lt and atrazine / terbuthylazine (300 / 300 g / lt) containing formulations, DashTM HC (Reg. No. L7469), Imiboost® (Reg. No. L7470), Basagran® (Reg. No. L2916), halosulfuron and Fastac® EC and SC (Reg. No.’s L4991 and L4992) . Do not apply products containing cyanazine with Campus®. Campus® can be used sequentially or in combination with soil or foliar applied insecticides registered for use in maize

  • DashTM HC, Imiboost®, Basagran®, Frontier® Optima, Fastac® EC and SC are Registered Trade Marks of BASF.

Information on crops and pests

Pests Recommended rate Time of application Number of application
Annual broadleaf weeds Refer to Frontier® Optima label for dosage recommendations. 110 ml / ha + 1,5 – 2,0 lt / ha atrazine 500 or 1,25 – 1,65 lt /ha atrazine / terbuthylazine + 1 lt DashTM HC Frontier® Optima should be applied before Campus® (refer to Frontier® Optima label).Apply Campus® as an Early Post–Emergent application at the 3 – 4 leaf stage of the weeds.Mix Dash™ HC into the spray mixture before any other products are added (refer to Mixing instructions above).Use Basagran® or halosulfuron in a tank mixture with Campus®, where a moderate population of Yellow Nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) occurs. Under heavier infestations of yellow nutsedge apply EPTC as a Pre–plant incorporated application (refer to relevant label / s for details of recommendations and additional weeds controlled).