Agricultural Solutions

It’s all in the packaging

What is the new BASF packaging system?

Opening in the middle

  • Pours without spraying or glugging
  • Empties faster
  • Empties completely
  • Easier to rinse

Special cap

  • Integrated seal
  • Eliminates induction sealing
  • Safer and easier to open

Flexible handle

  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Easy to grab in any position

Embossed logo

  • Sign of BASF quality
  • Guarantee of original product
  • Protects you from imitations

Farmers need the right solutions to get their everyday work done. This includes having the right packaging for all of their crop protection products (CPP).

Encouraging safer and more efficient use of crop protection products is one of BASF’s top priorities.

To achieve this goal, BASF agronomists asked farmers to assist in developing a new packaging system, which became Eco packaging. It aims to simplify farmers’ work by allowing them to handle CPPs in a safe and efficient Eco canister – an innovative and sustainable solution.

The advantages for the farmers and the environment are manifold: With the new Eco packaging system, the farmer’s risk of coming into contact with a product is reduced significantly. The easy handling design enables a more efficient use of the crop protection product. At the same time, farmers save up to 25 percent of their working time spent on opening and emptying the canister.

An eco-efficiency analysis proves the advantages of the new containers for both the farmer and the environment. The new Eco packaging system is significantly more environmentally friendly than other existing packaging solutions.

Did you know?

Once the eco-bottle has been fully launched in Europe, the annual volume of greenhouse gas emissions caused by crop protection containers will be reduced by approximately 2 000 metric tons of CO2 equivalents. That equates to the amount of CO2 that 80 000 trees can absorb from the atmosphere annually.