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Clear fields, higher yields…

from seed to harvest acquire the power to get the most out of every hectare.

Clearfield® Plus Production system - Be a step ahead with an effective and convenient farm management tool

Clearfield® Plus is a farm management tool for you to successfully eliminate weed competition in your fields through high quality Clearfield® Plus seed in combination with Euro-Lightning® Plus- the only post-emergent broadleaf herbicide for use in Clearfield® Plus Sunflower.

How does this benefit farmers with the - ‘biggest job on earth’?

Clearfield® Plus Production System benefits the farmer through the replacement of complicated weed control practices with an efficient and reliable system that results in

  • fewer passes across the field
  • fewer hours on machinery
  • lower fuel consumption and
  • less compaction


Enjoy application flexibility - Euro-Lightning® Plus offers the convenience of post-emergent application which is active even under dry conditions.

Be a part of this innovative technology

The Clearfield® Plus innovation ensures that sunflower crops consistently perform through high quality hybrids protected by highly effective herbicides to eliminate yield robbing weeds. Sunflowers reach their full potential. Farmers maximize their Return on Investment.

Clearfield® Plus Production System where crops thrive and weeds wither and die!