Agricultural Solutions


At BASF Agricultural Solutions we are committed to farming. We are driven by a passion for what we do best: Farming! We know the land and understand the climate. We also understand the importance of a farmer. Farmers produce food for our country and with the growing population, farming is becoming increasingly important for ensuring a sustainable future.

The many challenges facing the South African farmer

At BASF we realize that the South African farmer faces many challenges on a regular basis. The long-term goal of any farm is to be profitable. For farmers to show high profitability, greater returns and good cash flow are needed.

This is accompanied by the need for increased production efficiency and greater pressure to deliver high quality crops for both local and international consumption. Sustainability in farming is also becoming increasingly important for ensuring prosperity for future generations. At a socio-economic level, the farmer has the critical role to ensure food security for the nation. He also contributes to a great extent to the economy as an employer, both on the farm and in the local agricultural industry. These challenges are hampered and exacerbated by macroeconomic tendencies beyond the control of the farmer, including climate conditions, exchange rate fluctuations, international markets and market prices, as well as local and international political environment.

Your partner at all times, in an any situation

BASF and the South African farmer have come a long way together. Our main goal is to be the farmer's partner and support him at all levels of farm management in good and challenging times.

At a global level, BASF has a very promising development pipeline with many new planned solutions for the future. In 2017, about € 507 million was invested in the research and development of these innovations. Locally, in the last two decades, several technologically advanced solutions have been introduced to the South African market, such as Abacus® Advance, Bellis®, Cabrio®, Stellar® Star, Intelex®, Euro-Lightning Plus®, Eragon® and Treevix®. Our AgCelence® solutions ensure high quality crops (especially for the export market) and an increase in yield through increased plant growth efficiency, excellent disease control and higher stress tolerance.

For many years, these solutions have been introduced to South African farmers by the proudly South African BASF team. Our highly experienced technical team works with research teams in Germany to develop crop protection solutions that result in optimal results for South African conditions. Our sales team is spread all over the country with the main goal of supporting farmers at ground level. "I am convinced that we have some of the best technical and sales teams in the industry. Years of experience and an absolute passion for farming puts us at the forefront of South African agriculture, ” adds Mr. Bright Breytenbach, Country Manager BASF South Africa.

At BASF we are also proud of the fact that we are really listening to the industry. In support of farmers who experienced financial losses in parts of the Cape during 2017 drought, BASF implemented numerous price reductions to ensure that farmers could continue to use the latest technology in their challenging season. "We believe that initiatives such as these have supported our local farmers to a great extent and we will continually seek new opportunities to further increase our investment in South Africa," adds Bright.

Now we farm!

With a global pipeline of innovative crop protection solutions as well as a loyal and experienced local team, BASF is dedicated to the South African farmer. With a view to the future, now is the time to act responsibly with resources, produce effectively and strive for sustainability.

Our motto: Sustainable farm management solutions for South Africans, by South Africans.

BASF – Now we farm!