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BASF Crop Protection MD's message

BASF Crop Protection

Message from Country Manager, Bright Breytenbach

At BASF our employees are passionate about crop protection and we believe that it is important that our local farmers are competitive on a global scale. Most importantly we believe this because of our discovering, progressive and sharing nature - we cannot help ourselves but to continuously innovate to find the best creative solutions that will enable farming in South Africa to become world class.

By focusing on trusted value-adding solutions that address farmers’ most important challenges: to provide functional crop protection, to increase yield, save unnecessary costs and to provide peace of mind solutions that result in sustainable farming practices, we can change agriculture in South Africa for the better good of all. No business grows through cut-backs and savings. By investing in our farmer aligned dreams and visions, we invest in a sustainable and abundant future for all.

Change is life's only constant and, unless change becomes our nature, we are doomed to extinction.

Together with BASF, we believe that you can reach your full farming potential and we at BASF are committed to helping our South African farmers become the best farmers in the world.